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A number of tags have been associated with each project listed here. You may use the tag list below to make it easier to find projects making heavy use of a specific technology or otherwise limit the projects that are listed.

Projects Tagged: Dreamweaver

Bigfork ARTFusion Gallery

A unique hierarchical image and art gallery system and administrative management interface created in PHP specifically for use by Bigfork ARTFusion, a contemporary art gallery located in Bigfork, Montana.

Seeley Lake Chamber of Commerce

After the design of the Seeley Lake Chamber of Commerce site was finished I was tasked with adding a new admin module allowing the site administrators to manage banner ads throughout the public portion of their website.

TSunriseBey Designs

The setup, configuration, and integration of a website and Magento e-commerce store for TSunriseBey Designs, a creator of mother nature inspired geocoins, pendants and pins located near Helena, Montana.