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  • Employer: Bigfork Web Development, Inc.
  • Client: TSunriseBey Designs
  • Date: April 2009
  • Type: Website and Online Store
  • Teammates:
    • Jana Primmer (Project Manager)
    • Carrie Short (Web Designer)

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Website homepage for TSunriseBey Designs.The products listings for the pendants category of the TSunriseBey Designs web store.An individual product description page from within the themed Magento store.
Shopping cart page of Magento web store.Magento's six step checkout and purchase process integrated in a theme consistent with the remainder of the website.

TSunriseBey Designs

This project was done as part of my work as a contract web developer with Bigfork Web Development, Inc. TSunriseBey Designs, located just north of Helena, Montana, is in the business of creating beautifully designed geocoins, pendants and pins inspired by mother nature. This project involved setting up, configuring, and integrating an e-commerce web store into a consistent template that matched the design of the other parts of this company's website which included a number of static pages and a blog run by the site's owner.

The e-commerce solution we selected for the project was a popular PHP and MySQL solution by the name of Magento that we had been using on a number of projects after recently switching away from using the osCommerce e-commerce platform to handle web stores. Using custom created themes and a variety of manual configurations it was possible to integrate the Magento store into the website by creating a consistent visual theme throughout all of the pages that matched that of the other areas of the website.

In addition to the integration of the Magento application with a consistent theme, the work on this project included the setup and configuration of the online store's payment processing module through a number of different payment processors. This included setting up PayPal integration to handle visitors who wished to pay for their purchases with funds from their PayPal account or a card attached to that account as well as integration with a standard third party payment processor who would be responsible for handling all other online payments.