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  • Employer: GigaShock, LLC
  • Client: Mentor Properties, Inc.
  • Date: 2011, 2012
  • Type: Lead Management Tools
  • Teammates: None

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The login page for the application.An example of a profile page for a sales representative.A list of communities where the sales representatives may be selling or renting units.
A list of sources that describe where a lead was generated from.A list of customers for a specific sales representative working in the system.An example of a detailed view of customer data used to track that customer's needs and history of interactions with sales representatives.
A form used to edit data for an existing customer in the system.A list of specific interactions between a company sales representative and a specific customer.A report generator that allows managers to create reports about the performance of their sales team based on a specific sales representative, a specific location, or other available criteria.

Real Estate Sales Lead Management System

This project was done as part of my work as owner and lead developer with GigaShock, LLC. Mentor Properties, Inc. engages in the investment, development, and sales of real estate properties and, therefore, needed an application that they could use for lead tracking, maintaining a customer database, and for evaluating the performance of their sales team and the sales made at their various properties.

After several years of using a custom built web application built upon the Ruby on Rails framework by a third-party development company to serve this purpose, the Mentor Properties staff had finally accumulated a number of change requests that needed to be made to the application in the form of feature enhancements, UI alterations, and a number of bug fixes. As such, it way my responsibility to take ownership of the application from the original developers, setup new infrastructure and transfer the application from its original host to servers under my control, configure the server's software stack and all the relevant dependencies, and make the changes requested by their staff.

This was one of my first experiences with many technologies used in this project including the Ruby programming language, the Ruby on Rails framework, the use of HAML (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) for describing XHTML, setting up a web server which supported Ruby on Rails applications, and using the Passenger (mod_rails, mod_rack) module alongside the Apache web server. During the course of the project I did get the opportunity to learn about these technologies and learned enough about each to make the changes that were requested, which primarily were taken care of within the Ruby logic or within the HAML views.