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  • School: Nevada Union High School
  • Course: Programming I (Pascal & C++)
  • Term: Spring 2005
  • Type: Video Game
  • Teammates: Trevor White

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Ten balls under the force of standard downward gravity.Four balls under a weaker force of downward gravity.Two balls under the force of a gravity from the right side of the screen.
A sample of the source code in the Turbo Pascal IDE.

Pascal Balls

This was one of many small games and graphical application I wrote as part of a series of three high school programming classes coving Pascal and C++. This particular one was the first in a series of improvements leading up to larger games using the same bouncing ball technology including a fully functional brick breaking game. Unfortunately, this is the only version I was able to recover from the collection of floppy disks I was able to find from that time period.

Working with a teammate, Trevor White, I created this program which allows the user to generate a set of randomly colored balls which will bounce around the screen using the sides of the screen and neighboring balls to cause balls to bounce. The gravity in the environment is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen and can be controlled in real-time by the user using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The up and down arrows control the gravity force on the vertical axis and the left and right arrows control the gravity force on the horizontal axis.

This was an interesting project as it gave me a good look into the graphical libraries provided by Pascal and I was able to learn what I used to create more advanced ball bouncing games using the existing code and collision detection algorithms as well create other graphical games such as a Pac-Man clone and a Connect Four game with artificial intelligence - allowing human versus computer game play - created for a final project for this same course.