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  • Employer: GigaShock, LLC
  • Client: GigaShock, LLC
  • Date: 2012
  • Type: Website and IVR
  • Teammates: Stephen Krings

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Media Gallery

The GigaShock home page with the Web Development banner displayed.The GigaShock home page with the Help Desk banner displayed.The GigaShock home page with the Online Backup banner displayed.
The GigaShock home page with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) banner displayed.The contact and appointment scheduling page of the GigaShock website.A page describing the GigaShock Online Backup service.
A data gathering form used for a customer to communicate the nature and details of them problem to GigaShock's Help Desk.A chart breaking down the features of several of the GigaShock Web Development and Hosting plans.

GigaShock Website and IVR

This project was done as part of my work as owner and lead developer with GigaShock, LLC. I originally founded GigaShock Web Development in early 2007 with my co-founder and business partner, Stephen Krings. The original scope of this company included providing web development, web design, and managed web hosting services to individuals and companies throughout the small local market around Missoula, Montana. This included maintaining existing website content, building websites, building larger and more complicated dynamic websites and web applications, and managing the resources relating to these services including registering and maintaining domain names, creating and managing email addresses, and performing backups and maintenance of file and database resources. At this phase a small website focusing on the web development services was sufficient to cover our own needs and was quickly created to represent the new company.

As time went on and the number of clients increased it became clear that there was an opportunity to provide a much wider variety of technical services. For example, as both Stephen and I have professional experience providing technical support for both hardware and software, it was a natural addition to begin offering technical support services to our existing clients when circumstances were appropriate. Soon we began to offer in-person and telephone technical support as a stand-alone service offering where new customers who did not make use of our web development services could also receive technical support. As the geographical scope of our clients spread it became necessary to also incorporate a remote support offering allowing us to share the input and output devices of a remote computer without needing to physically visit the machine to diagnose problems.

Similarly, we began expanding our service offerings in a number of other ways as well including offering desktop application development, mobile application development, interactive voice response development, e-commerce development, graphics design, social media management, and online file backup. As a result of these expansions it became clear that the GigaShock Web Development name was no longer a good representation of our service offerings and the original website was no longer a sufficient representation of the company. We, therefore, rebranded and formed GigaShock, LLC and created a brand new website incorporating an organization that was consistent with our full list of services and addressed a much wider audience spanning all of the United States and Canada. Additionally, I created a web application to manage an interactive voice response system that was designed to manage calls to and from our client-facing telephone number. This allowed a more efficient sharing of information between the representatives and technicians responsible for responding to customer requests by dynamically routing incoming calls and automatically emailing detailed call logs and audio call recordings to the appropriate individuals as soon as the call is completed.

A more sophisticated framework and administrative management system is currently in development to expand the new site by allowing customers to login to the website, centralize the billing and invoicing process, review their previous phone calls, track the status of computers having work performed on them, and manage their work orders and service requests in a centralized system. Screenshots of the initial stage of the new site can be seen in the media gallery section of this page.